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Yes! All of our units are cleaned thoroughly. We are committed to making sure that your children are playing in a clean, well maintained, and safe environment. After each rental, every unit is thoroughly cleaned by commercial vinyl cleaners, disinfected, and sanitized. Once the unit is clean, it will be inspected to ensure cleanliness.

All of our units are made from 100% lead free vinyl. Safety is not an option, it’s a REQUIREMENT, and the safety of your children is our #1 priority.

Everything! Our units are a perfect addition to any party, event, or celebration. You can find one of our vast selection of bouncers, water slides, and interactive units at occasions including but not limited to: birthday parties, church festivals, charity events, corporate events, company picnics, school field days, grand openings, family reunions, Vacation Bible Schools, summer camps, and much more!

Under no circumstances should water be used with any inflatable that is not designed for such use. However, there are inflatables designed for use with water. We will be glad to let you know what water units are available for you to rent for your event. We do provide a misting system (water trickle down as they slide down) if needed with inflatable.  For water slides at least a 50ft water hose would need to be present at the event.

Our inflatables can be set up on grass, cement, concrete, asphalt, or even indoors with a different anchoring system available for every possible combination. When placing your reservation, please let us know on what type of terrain your rental will be installed. Inflatables that are setup on grass are anchored with long steel stakes, while inflatables that are setup on other surfaces or indoors are anchored with sandbags.  Additional fee will apply, except for grass with stakes.

For Canton residents, there is no delivery fee. For cities outside of the Canton area, yes there will be a delivery fee. The fee will be depended on your proximity to the Canton area.

Drivers usually start off arriving at the facility at 7am to start loading up their deliveries for the day. They have to load everything one-by-one into their van, pickup, or box truck, double check everything to make sure they didn’t forget any small items. Once everything is loaded up, then they start their route, going from their first delivery, to the second, to the third, and so on. Once arriving at each location, drivers have to setup everything and make sure to educate everyone how things operate. After their last delivery, drivers are then able to rest before their pickup times.

Drivers then head back to pick everything up that same night. They go to each customers house again, one after the next to clean, disinfect, sanitize and roll up the inflatables, sometimes get muddy and wet while picking up water slides, and load them back up into their car. Once finished with all the pickups, drivers must head back to the facility to drop off all the products. By the end of the day, drivers could have driven anywhere from 50 to 100 miles that day going from one location to the next.

Before I answer that question, please review “what is the driver process” and “what is the pickup process” questions.  Now that you have a better understanding on the process, yes, tipping is greatly appreciated by our drivers. Generally it is customary to tip 10%-20% (but any amount would be appreciated) for services based on the level of service.  So if you had a great time and you want to show your gratitude you can definitely tip the driver.

The base price for all inflatables is for up to 4 hours of rental time. Prices increase incrementally for inflatable rentals lasting more than 4 hours.

Yes, shoes must be taken off when jumping on inflatables.

Yes, power is required for inflatables and most of our other rental items. If you don’t have power outlets located nearby or your event is at a park, you may need to rent a generator. Most rentals require 1 to 2 outlets (on separate breakers) within 50 ft. of wherever the item is placed. We provide 50 ft. extension cords at no extra cost.

A 50% down payment is due when you make the initial reservation. The remainder of the payment is due 7 days prior or on the date of your event. For schools, government agencies, or nonprofits that need to pay with purchase orders or checks, please call us at 313-351-5081 to make a reservation.

Our no-hassle reschedule policy means you can cancel for any reason up until your scheduled delivery time. You will receive a “rescheduling” credit that is valid for up to 1 year from the original date of your event. Credit will not be issued after we have delivered the rental equipment. We do not allow refunds.

We have a pretty flexible weather policy. Michigan weather changes so much that it will rain for 1 hour in one part of the city and then be sunny the rest of the day. Our weather policy is basically you have until the time the drivers arrive at your house to cancel and reschedule. If they get there and it’s raining, or you feel it may rain you can just tell them you want to cancel and reschedule. We will issue you store credit for the amount paid which you can use towards a new reservation. You can also choose to reschedule your event at anytime. If it rains after we leave and have setup, you will be responsible for full payment. Note that if it rains partially during your party, you can always continue use after it rains. We just recommend drying it off with a towel if it’s not a water slide and to keep the blower from getting wet as much as possible. If you decide to continue with the party despite the weather and we set up the equipment, you will be responsible for paying for the inflatable.

Group kids by size when playing in inflatables. Bigger kids or adults should not bounce with younger/smaller kids to help prevent them from being injured. Only 1 person is allowed to slide down each slide at a time. Someone should be in charge of monitoring the inflatable at all times so that children don’t slide down while someone is still exiting. A good protocol is to allow one child to climb the stairs when one child exits. No flips or rough horseplay. If wind speeds exceed 15 mph, exit the inflatable and turn it off. If you see the inflatable or tree limbs swaying, this is a strong indication that wind speeds are too high.

You can place your order now & pay only 50% at checkout. Afterwards just email us a copy of your tax exempt form to ajumpparty@gmail.com so we can take off the taxes.

Yes, however, our website does not include the option for some products to be booked past 10 pm. In those cases, you must call (313-351-5081) or email (ajumpparty@gmail.com) us to set up a reservation later than 10pm.

We suggest booking as early as possible to avoid your items getting booked out, however we can be ready to deliver your bounce house if it’s available with at least 1 day notice.

An electric fan blower is used to inflate the inflatables. It must be turned on and attached to the inflatable the entire time the unit is being used, or the unit will deflate.  A small 1 HP blower will cost about $0.13 an hour, a medium 1.5 HP blower will cost about $0.15 an hour, and a large 2 HP blower will cost about $0.22 per hour. The average cost to run a bounce house for the day is about $1.28.

No, only one person should slide down each slide at once. Children should slide separately from parents to prevent accidents from happening at the bottom of the inflatable. Only 1 person is allowed to slide down each slide at a time.

Max Capacity Fee is when we are overbooked for your event date.  It allows us to continue to make deliveries even when we are overbooked by adding more manpower, transportation, supplies etc.  In order to avoid this fee, it is recommended that you book several months in advance to take advantage of one of the open slots available.