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Jump Party! is owned and operated by a husband and wife team named, Muyiwa and Brandy Cornish. JP! all started when our residential wet slide inflatable started to fall apart and water started to bust out at the seams. Having 4 girls you always need some outdoor entertainment especially in the summer months, so I was in crisis mode! As I was looking for residential wet slide inflatables, commercial grade inflatables started to come up in my search. Then I had an epiphany, why don’t I buy several commercial grade wet slides, I can rent them out and the girls would have several different options to choose from (which would equal hours of being outside!). In the next few days that followed Jump Party! was created.

Jump Party will be operational in the Spring of 2022. We will service the Canton area, and the surrounding areas for an additional delivery fee.

Jump Party has a large variety of bounce houses, combos, water slides, and more! All of our inflatable units are new, cleaned after every use and meet the latest standards for safety in design and operation.

Jump Party will provide inflatable rentals service for all occasions, such as school parties, house parties, carnivals, business events, birthday parties, city events, day care centers, park events and more.

Why choose Jump Party? Because we are devoted to providing our customers with the best quality service along with the safest, cleanest, and newest products that will make any event an unforgettable one.